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Residential Carpet Cleaning, Ocoee, FL

Residential carpet cleaning comes with a number of benefits.

Residential Carpet Cleaning in Ocoee, Florida
When you’re cleaning your home, you may run a vacuum over your carpeting to remove the visible crumbs and dirt. However, what you can’t always see is the dirt and grime lurking beneath the top layer, hiding in the fibers of this material. Over time, carpet tends to get stained and dirty, so no matter how often you vacuum, the floors don’t really look clean. Using at-home carpet cleaning solutions may help temporarily, but these can actually act as a magnet for dirt down the road, leading to additional stains that are difficult to remove.

Instead of taking the task of carpet cleaning into your own hands, contact us at Proclean Properties Inc. to schedule a residential carpet cleaning service. We offer an ultra-deep four-step SCRUB cleaning process, which uses steam to effectively remove stains without leaving any residue behind. The first step in the process is pre-treating any spots and stains on your carpet. From there, we’ll use an agitator to clean the material. We will then use our truck-mounted extraction tool to steam clean the carpeting.

FAQs About Residential Carpet Cleaning

At Proclean Properties Inc., we have been asked a fair share of questions about residential carpet cleaning by our Ocoee, Florida customers and potential customers, so we thought we’d share a few with you that perhaps you’ve been meaning to ask, as well.

Should I schedule residential carpet cleaning even if my carpeting doesn’t look dirty?

Yes, in fact, most carpet manufacturers require an annual professional residential carpet cleaning be completed to keep your warranty in effect. In addition, just because you don’t notice dirt, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there and causing damage to the fibers that will shorten the life of your investment.

Why can’t I just rent a carpet cleaner at the store?

The biggest problem with rental equipment is that it doesn’t do an effective job in most situations, especially if you lack the experience to operate it properly. If that wasn’t bad enough, it can actually make your carpeting get dirty again even quicker because the residues left behind attract dirt. In addition, you run the risk of damaging your carpeting and voiding the warranty, as well as removing its stain resistance ability.

Is residential carpet cleaning the only service I need?

We offer a variety of floor cleaning options, so if you want your tile to look its best, ask us about our tile and grout cleaning service when you call regarding residential carpet cleaning. We also do upholstery cleaning so your furniture looks great too.

Can you handle stains on my carpeting?

Heavily soiled carpets need our ultra-deep scrub steam cleaning and the use of our green, non-toxic solution on problem areas. We have an excellent record for stain removal. If we cannot get a stain out, nobody can.

Residential carpet cleaning comes with a number of benefits. You can enjoy improved indoor air quality and extend the lifespan of your carpeting. At Proclean Properties Inc., we’re the only residential carpet cleaning company in the Ocoee, Florida area that pre-scrubs your carpet with a cyclical twin brush to remove dirt and grime. We also offer a variety of appointment times to cater to your busy schedule. Take advantage of the benefits of residential carpet cleaning by scheduling a treatment with us today.



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