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We Offer Interim & Restorative Commercial Carpet Cleaning to Business in Orlando, FL and Surrounding Areas.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Orlando, Florida

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Carpet is a big investment for any business, as it provides a welcoming environment to customers and comfort for your employees.  As with any investment, it is important to take good care of your carpet.  Properly maintained carpet enhances the appearance of your facility, contributes to a professional image, and extends the life of the carpet.  This is why it is important to plan to have regular commercial carpet cleaning for your business.  At Proclean Properties Inc., we offer two types of commercial carpet cleaning to businesses in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas: restorative maintenance cleaning and interim carpet maintenance.

  • Restorative maintenance cleaning, also referred to as hot water extraction, is a deep-cleaning application that removes heavy buildup of soil, dirt and other particles. It helps to restore your carpet’s cleanliness and appearance.  After you have had this service done to your carpets one or two times, you will be able to start interim carpet cleaning.
  • Interim carpet maintenance is low cost, and if used properly, it will keep your carpet looking new all the time. Through this service, your carpets will maintain a consistently clean appearance at a low cost to you. We can even provide our interim commercial carpet cleaning service during work hours due to its low disruption. Our low-moisture maintenance carpet cleaning is safe and effective for all types of facilities, and it meets the criteria for environmentally sustainable standards.  The cost of interim carpet cleaning is low enough that you will be able to have it done as often as commercial carpet cleaning is recommended, which is four to six times a year.

FAQs About Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

Our team at Proclean Properties Inc. wants to help you take the best possible care of your commercial property, and the way we do that is by offering top-notch commercial carpet cleaning services. We have collected some of our most frequently asked questions on this subject—and their answers—to help you make an informed decision about whether to use our services.

How long does commercial carpet cleaning take?
Unfortunately, we can’t provide a simple answer to this question, as how long it takes to clean your facility’s carpets depends on multiple factors, such as the size of the facility, the type of carpet, and how much cleaning is required. However, you can rest assured that our team will work with you to decide the best schedule for your needs, and we will get the job done as quickly as possible.
Will your services interrupt my business hours?
We try our best to disrupt your normal operations as little as possible with our commercial carpet cleaning services. We are happy to schedule your appointment during a time when your business is closed, or to arrange to clean your carpet in sections so that most of your employees can continue working and you will not have to close altogether.
How much do your services cost?
The rates for our commercial carpet cleaning services start at just $0.07 per square foot. Not only is this highly affordable for carpet cleaning, but it is also much, much cheaper than the cost of replacing your carpets.

Effective Interim Maintenance Cleaning in 3 Simple Steps


1. Apply encapsulation cleaning solution to carpeting.


2. Agitate solution into the carpet fibers using a lightweight twin-cylindrical machine that provides safe agitation, lifts carpet pile, and removes embedded soil.


3. Vacuum when dry or at the next scheduled vacuum cycle.

Caution: Spin bonneting or rotary agitation can harm carpet fibers and lead to shortened carpet life. The use of rotary agitation may void any factory warranties. Review manufacturer recommendations.

Restoratice/Deep Cleaning – Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

Effective in Three Steps:


1. Spray carpet solution onto carpet

commercial Carpet Cleaning

2. Agitate using our twin brush machine

Carpet Cleaning

3. Extract using hot water

At Proclean Properties Inc., we offer commercial carpet cleaning services in Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Oviedo, Longwood, Wekiva Springs, Apopka, Lake Mary, Sanford, Doctor Phillips, Ocoee, Waterford Lakes, Maitland, Chuluota, Geneva, Deltona, Bennett Park, Eustis, Isleworth, and Altamonte Springs, Florida.