Floor Waxing, Orlando, FL

Floor waxing not only makes your Orlando, FL floors look new again, but it also makes it easier to keep the floors cleaner after the service is complete.

Floor WaxingFloor Waxing – If you have a dirty floor in your office or other commercial building, it can reflect poorly on your business. This is especially true in industries where hygiene is important, such as a medical office or somewhere where food is served. You may take time to clean the floors and try to remove the built-up dirt and grime, but this may not be possible after having the floor in place for several years. The wax layer on vinyl floors will keep dirt that has been tracked in, leaving behind a yellowing and faded appearance.

At Proclean Properties Inc., we offer floor waxing and stripping services to our customers in Orlando, Florida and many of the surrounding cities. Floor waxing can help to restore your floors to look new again. We will bring in our equipment to remove stubborn stains before applying a new layer of wax.

Another benefit of floor waxing and stripping is that it makes it easier to keep the floors cleaner after the service is complete. Instead of trying to clean out stains that have been setting in for years, you will have a clean floor that you can spot treat and clean regularly.

Floor waxing also provides a barrier to keep out moisture. In a humid area, such as Orlando, floors can become warped due to the moisture in the air. If you spill water or other liquids on your floors, it can also cause problems. A fresh layer of wax will eliminate this concern, making it easy to wipe up spills.

FAQs About Floor Waxing

Our team at Proclean Properties Inc. wants to help you do what’s best for your home, and an important part of that goal is helping you make the right choices for your cleaning needs. If you are on the fence about whether floor waxing is right for you, we encourage you to read through the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions on the topic below:

What are the benefits of floor waxing?
Having your floors waxed offers multiple great benefits. The wax coating forms a water-resistant seal that helps prevent the floor from staining, and it also minimizes the appearance of minor scratches and scuffs. Floor wax also reduces wear and tear on your floor’s finishes, which makes the finish last longer and keeps it looking great. Finally, giving your floor a protective layer of wax will help to prolong the life of the floor itself.
How often should I get my floors waxed?
How often you should make use of floor waxing services depends on the type of wax being used—generally, solid wax only needs to be reapplied every two to five years, while liquid wax coatings last just one to two years.
Can I wax my own floors?
You certainly could, but you will generally get better results from a professional waxing company like ours. In addition, the process of floor waxing is labor-intensive, messy, and highly inconvenient, so we encourage you to spare yourself the trouble and simply leave it to our experts.

At Proclean Properties Inc., we offer floor waxing services in Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Oviedo, Longwood, Wekiva Springs, Apopka, Lake Mary, Sanford, Doctor Phillips, Ocoee, Waterford Lakes, Maitland, Chuluota, Geneva, Deltona, Bennett Park, Eustis, Isleworth, and Altamonte Springs, Florida.