Spot Cleaning Tips, Lake Mary, FL

If these spot cleaning tips aren’t getting rid of the problem areas of your flooring in Lake Mary, FL, contact us at Proclean Properties Inc.

Spot Cleaning TipsThere are a number of things that can cause damage to various types of commercial and residential flooring. Hardwood is often used as a higher-end option in homes, but it requires a sizable investment at the time of installation. Hardwood floors can last for years, but they do require some care. If you spill something on hardwood, it is important to get it wiped up immediately to avoid spotting or other damage. Water can quickly destroy the look of your hardwood, since it can lead to warping that is hard to fix. Additionally, a patch of sunlight can cause discoloration and fading of the wood. Spot cleaning tips for hardwood include using a cleaning product designed specifically for use on wood floors and keeping your floor free of water, crumbs, and other liquids and spills as much as possible.

Spot cleaning tips for carpet are helpful because a stained patch in a room can be an eyesore. If you do spill something, start by using a carpet cleaning product that won’t discolor or cause damage to the carpeting. Some products must sit on the carpet for a period of time, while others should be wiped or blotted up soon after application. Follow all instructions on the container to avoid bleaching of the carpet. Finish up the job by running a vacuum over the treated area.

If these spot cleaning tips aren’t getting rid of the problem areas of your flooring, contact us at Proclean Properties Inc. We provide a variety of floor cleaning services in the Lake Mary, Florida area.

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