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carpet cleaningVacuuming is fine for day-to-day maintenance of your carpet. However, to keep it at optimal performance, the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) – a global organization – strongly recommends deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months. Check your warranty for any specific requirements.

Furthermore, the CRI recommends that the job be done by a professional cleaning business. These carpet cleaning companies use approved products and equipment in order to make sure customers’ carpets are being treated with ‘green cleaning’ chemicals.

Below are a few things to do when the carpet cleaning company arrives:

• Point out any problem areas, pet stains or spots that need special attention.
• Remember that all major American manufacturers recommend the use of specific carpet cleaning products in their warranties, so be sure to confirm this.
• Warranties often require that you check with the manufacturer before additional treatments are performed – for example, re-applying anti-static or stain treatments.
• After cleaning is completed, wait for the carpet to dry thoroughly before moving the furniture back into the room or walking on the carpet. If you put the furniture back prematurely, stains or rust from finishes or paint may permanently mar the carpet.

Note: Before the technicians start the job, ask if they first vacuum before deep cleaning. The answer should be yes. It’s critical to vacuum first because it makes a big difference to the end result. Also, ask the cleaning company if you should move the furniture before they arrive, or will they do it? And if so, is there an extra charge involved?

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