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carpet cleaning

Carpet is a large part of your home, and it can be an expensive investment. Unfortunately, carpet collects dirt, hair, dust mites, dander, and lots of other gross things, which is why it is important to have our carpet cleaning professionals give your carpet the deep clean your family and home deserve. Not only will carpet cleaning make your home a cleaner and healthier place, but it will also extend the life of your carpet.

Contaminants in your carpets can be abrasive to the fibers in carpet and ultimately wear them down. This can make once-soft carpet become coarse, so having your carpet cleaned can help your carpet retain its original softness. Regular carpet cleaning can also reduce the appearance of stains, prevent darker high-traffic areas, and make spills easier to remove.

Dirty carpet may also be taking a toll on your allergies. Pollen and seeds from outside your home can be tracked into your home and become collected in the carpet. If this happens in a high-traffic area of your home, the allergens could be ground deep into the carpet and might not be fully removed with a regular vacuum.

Here at Proclean Properties, we offer an eco-friendly way to clean your carpets at affordable prices. We offer many cleaning services for residential and commercial customers. We are located in Oviedo and service all of Central Florida. For more information on our services, please contact us.