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carpet cleaning tips that everyone can benefit from

Carpeting is almost ubiquitous in terms of flooring materials. Because of its affordability and comfort, carpet is at least somewhere in nearly every home and most businesses. If you have carpet, you can use some carpet cleaning tips! Because carpeting is bound to experience a few stains between regular cleanings, here are a few carpet cleaning tips that everyone can benefit from.

  • Blot, blot, blot. One of the best carpet cleaning tips that everyone needs to keep in mind is that, with any stain or spill, do NOT scrub your carpeting! Instead, opt for the blot. Blotting is a better option when you are trying to absorb a stain, whereas scrubbing will cause the materials to adhere and deepen into the carpet fibers.
  • Freeze. There are few things more annoying than realizing that you’ve stepped in gum or another sticky substance and tracked it into your carpet. Rather than trying to cut out the sticky substances, freeze it with ice cubes instead and then pull!
  • Use chemicals wisely. Almost every stain has a solution that will get that stain out. For things like beer or wine, try club soda and baking soda. For blood stains, hydrogen peroxide works wonders. For things like oil or grease stains, shoot for the dish soap to dissolve that stubborn grease.
  • Know when to call in the pros. There are some stains that are just too large or stubborn to be tackled by your average person. In carpeting, it can be better to recognize when you’ve been beat and let the pros take over.

If you are wondering about carpet cleaning, feel free to call us here at Proclean Properties Inc. to learn more carpet cleaning tips from the experts.