carpet cleaning tipsCarpets need a cleaning? Here are three carpet cleaning tips to help you get the best results possible!

  1.  Add a Carpet Protector. A carpet protector decreases the wear and tear on your carpet, helps repel stains, and keeps dirt at the surface where it is easily vacuumed up. Adding a carpet protector can also increase the time span between when carpet cleaning services are needed, which helps preserve your carpets and keeps the fibers from getting thinned out. This is one carpet cleaning tip you don’t want to forget!
  2.  Apply a Carpet Deodorizer. Carpet deodorizers help eliminate the unpleasant smells carpets capture over time. Some deodorizers do this simply by masking the odors with a stronger scent, but here at Proclean Properties Inc., our green, zero-residue, professional-grade deodorizers remove tough organic odors, such as pet urine and vomit, and break down and eliminate the molecules that cause the odors, leaving you with truly fresh, odor-free carpet.
  3. Leave it to the pros! Often when people decide to clean their carpets, they rent a portable carpet cleaning machine. In truth, these rental machines often don’t have enough power or suction to do a real thorough job or remove tough stains. It’s also important to pre-treat stains and heavily soiled areas, and then agitate these areas before using the carpet cleaning machine. A professional cleaning service will have the proper equipment and make sure spots and stains are taken care of. It’s not worth it to pay the money for a rental machine and put in the time and effort of cleaning carpets, only to not get the results you want. Save yourself the frustration and let our pros do the job for you!

Keep these three carpet cleaning tips in mind, and give us a call today at Proclean Properties Inc. to learn more about our affordable, green, and high-quality carpet cleaning services!