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floor strippingDull and dirty floors can ruin the aesthetics of an otherwise well-decorated, clean home. If you want to reinstate your home’s original charm and beauty, consider floor stripping. In fact, after the process has been completed and the floors re-waxed, they will look as good as they did on the day they were first installed. No longer will you be embarrassed by stains, dirt and scuff marks.

A lot of homeowners merely focus on taking care of their walls and ceilings, while overlooking floor care. But the one thing that reflects overall cleanliness in any home is the floor. Repainted ceilings, windows, doors and walls won’t enhance the charm of your home if the floors need stripping and waxing.

The purpose of floor stripping is to eliminate all the grime, leaving the floors sparkling clean and shiny. Dirt can hold onto old wax, making a floor look perpetually filthy. Eventually the grime and dirt will completely ruin it. Stripping the wax off will enhance the life of any type of flooring installation.

Then, there’s the health factor. Dirt offers an ideal breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and a plethora of other germs, thereby affecting the quality of your family’s health. Floor stripping will wipe them all out, and a fresh coat of wax will preserve the floor, while also preventing water and moisture from penetrating its new, shiny surface.

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