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Floor Stripping

Floor stripping is a labor-intensive process during which old wax, dirt, and grime are removed from a floor before re-waxing. The floor stripping process is also one of the most time-consuming processes for floor cleaners. Since there are many ways the floor stripping process can go wrong, it is important to leave this job to a professional.

Floor stripping is a learned skill that professionals are usually taught in a technical school or their work area. They learn what chemicals can be used on which types of floors, which tools to use and how, safety procedures, and correct dwell time. The most common types of flooring that benefit from floor stripping are vinyl, vinyl composite tile, and linoleum. After a floor is stripped of the old wax and dirt, a new layer of wax is applied. This protects the flooring from wear and tear by acting as a protective layer.

Although this is a timely process, the results are stunning and well worth it. Dirty, uneven, floors will be brought back to their like-new shine and smoothness. With regular floor stripping and re-waxing, the lifetime of your floor will increase, saving you the money and headache of replacement.

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