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Floor StrippingIf your business has commercial tiled flooring, you may notice that it is starting to look a little shabby. No matter how often you clean it and how hard you scrub, it doesn’t appear to get any cleaner. The problem most likely lies in the wearing down of the layers of wax on the floor. This is a result of additional wear and tear on the wax layers. You may have noticed a “halo” effect that forms under your office chairs at your desk. It will appear in other areas that are also heavily trafficked.

If the problem has been going on for a long period of time and all layers of wax have been worn down, the flooring underneath will start receiving wear and tear and you will eventually need to have the floor replaced. Putting down new wax where the old had worn down will not fix the problem; in fact, it will make the problem more difficult to fix.

The most effective way to fix the problem before it becomes irreparable is floor stripping—that is to strip off the layers of wax that are causing the problem and apply new layers of wax. Wax is clear, so whatever is underneath will show through, which is why the old layers need to be completely stripped down. Once floor stripping is completed and the old wax has been stripped down, the new wax can be applied to the floor. With new coats of wax applied correctly on the floor, your old floors will look new again!

With our team at Proclean Properties Inc., you can say goodbye to a dingy floor and hello to a beautiful, bright new floor through floor stripping and waxing.