Floor Stripping & Waxing, Lake Mary, FL

Our floor stripping & waxing services are available for a number of flooring types in Lake Mary, FL.

Floor Stripping & WaxingThere are several types of flooring materials that tend to look worn out over time. Even if you try to mop the floors, you might be left with a less-than-satisfactory final result because the dirt is ground in or the materials just aren’t holding up well. The most common type of flooring that business owners notice this on is vinyl, which is a popular choice in commercial structures because it resists mold growth and moisture and is reasonably priced. If this applies to the floors in your commercial building, contact our team at Proclean Properties Inc. We provide floor stripping & waxing services for customers in and around Lake Mary, Florida.

We begin the floor stripping & waxing process by stripping your floors. We use various types of equipment and tools to remove any top coatings, giving us full access to the floors below. We can then use heavy-duty cleaning products to get rid of dirt and grime, and then apply a new finish that protects the flooring underneath while giving the space a nice shine. The waxing process also makes it easier to care for your floors, since you can easily spot-treat the new sealant instead of trying to work a floor that is yellowed and dingy from years of use. This new coating also helps to keep out moisture, a common problem in Florida where humidity levels are high.

Our floor stripping & waxing services are available for a number of flooring types, so contact us if you would like more information about whether this process would benefit your commercial or residential floors.




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