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our floor cleaning process uses only the best eco-friendly products
The more work you put into your home, the more possible it is that something may go wrong. You could be damaging the very thing you’re trying to clean or improve. There are so many variables with regards to what kind of cleaning agents apply to which surfaces that you should devote a substantial chunk of time to gaining the product knowledge necessary to ensure your items are safe. That’s why  worry-free professional floor cleaning may be your ideal solution.

Whatever your profession may be, it no doubt demands you know what’s what. The same is true for professional cleaners: not only do we know what products work properly, but we also have the right training, so your flooring is spotless and unharmed by the cleaning process. Our tile and grout 2-step cleaning process using professional grade equipment and cleaning solutions ensures that there will be zero compromise to your tile flooring.

Carpets require just as much knowledge or more: a rough shampoo can wash out the colors or compromise the fibers. Our floor cleaning experts know what kind of cleaning equipment will be most gentle and effective in helping restore the lift of your carpet’s piling and its brightness. And for anyone who cares about the environment, we’re happy to say our floor cleaning process uses only the best eco-friendly products that get all the dirt out.

If you live in Central Florida and want worry-free professional floor cleaning with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we at Proclean Properties Inc. do our best to offer affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more!