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Steam CleaningWhen it’s time to clean your carpets, steam cleaning, also referred to as the “hot water extraction method” is the way to go. In this process, a carpet cleaning machine sprays a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution onto the carpet, and then vacuums it up along with the now-dissolved dirt and grime.

If there are stains or heavily soiled areas of the carpet, then these will need to be pre-treated before the cleaning process for best results. It’s also important to take into account the type of fibers your carpet is made of, as certain fibers react better to alkaline solutions, and others need an acidic solution. Double jute-backed carpets, loose rugs and foundation yarns can shrink after a steam cleaning; this can lead to torn seams or uproot strips of the carpet. Carpet is expensive, so if you are not completely confident you know what you are doing, call in a professional steam cleaning service.

Finally, extraction of the water and cleaning solution is by far the most critical step of a steam cleaning. If any solution is left in the carpet, it will attract dirt after the cleaning and cause the carpets to re-soil even quicker. Also, damp carpets can lead to mold issues, so it’s important that carpets are completely dry within 12 hours of treatment, especially in a humid climate.

Here at Proclean Properties Inc., we offer an ultra deep SCRUB 4-step process steam clean. First, our certified, trained professional inspects and analyzes your carpet, and then they pre-treat any problem areas with our green, non-toxic, zero residue solution. These spots are then gently agitated to make sure the solution gets deep into the carpet, and then the entire carpet is pre-sprayed. Next, we use our state-of-the-art, high-powered, truck-mounted extraction machine along with a pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution. Finally, we do several dry passes to ensure a quick drying time.

Get the clean carpet results you want by giving us a call today at Proclean Properties Inc.!