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Steam CleaningFor many, many years, carpets have been cleaned using a foaming soap solution that breaks up the dirt, dust, pet dander, dust mites and mold that may be lurking deep in the fibers of your carpet.  The foaming solution brought those items to the surface, and then they were washed clean.  This practice is still a good alternative for carpet cleaning; however, the benefits of steam cleaning your carpets, including health benefits in your home, have made it the option of choice

There are many advantages to steam cleaning your carpets, and several that are beneficial to creating a healthy environment in your home, such as:

  • Steam cleaning releases trapped toxins that collect to the fibers in your carpeting. These toxins release pollutants in your air and can include dust mites, pet dander and other allergens that can cause a negative effect in the inside air you breathe.
  • Because steam cleaning doesn’t use high amounts of water, the possibility for mold growth in your carpeting is greatly decreased. The steaming action can be varied to produce a smaller amount of water at an increased temperature that can kill mold spores rather than creating a warm, wet growing environment.
  • Finally, steam cleaning can lift all those stains, dirt and buildup of particles that are in your air and attach themselves to your carpet fibers. Steam cleaning leaves you with a beautifully clean carpet that looks like new and feels fresh and clean.

If you are ready for fresh, clean carpets and an increase of health inside your home, give us a call today to schedule your carpets for steam cleaning.