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Spot Cleaning Tips for Those Pesky But Unavoidable Office Carpet StainsKeeping office carpets clean isn’t easy, especially when it comes to those pesky but unavoidable stains. They make carpets look ugly and convey a company’s image as unprofessional. So we, at Proclean Properties Inc., would like to give you some handy spot cleaning tips to help when an emergency occurs.

  • Chewing Gum: This is a nightmare, so act fast! Put ice in a bag and rub it on the chewing gum so it solidifies. Then, with a blunt knife, scrape off as much as possible. After this, clean the spot with carpet shampoo and wait for it to dry. Finally, vacuum it.
  • Coffee: Definitely the most common stain found on office carpets. Soak up the excess spill with a towel and then clean with soda water. Dry with a cloth and repeat the process until the stain disappears.
  • Wine Spot Cleaning Tips: You’re celebrating an office achievement or a colleague’s birthday and it happens . . . someone spills red wine on the carpet. Fortunately, this is an easy issue to solve. Simply pour soda water or white wine over the red wine spill. If the spill is white wine, spray it with soda water.
  • Ink Spot Cleaning Tips: A ballpoint stain must be dried as soon as possible. Apply a stain remover or wipe with methylated spirit. A fountain pen stain should be diluted with soda water and washed out as much as possible. Mix hot water with soap flakes and apply to the stain for 15 minutes, and then clean. Repeat until the stain has disappeared.