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At Proclean Properties Inc., we know how frustrating it can be to deal with stains on your floors or carpets. We also understand that not every stain needs a full steam-cleaning to fix, especially if you’ve set up a regular cleaning schedule with our team. To help you keep your floors clean between professional services, we’ve prepared a list of spot cleaning tips for you to use. This list focuses on carpet stains, since those are often more difficult to remove, but many of these solutions can work across multiple surfaces.

Spot Cleaning Tips

  • Pet Stains- The first thing to do to treat a pet stain is clean up the initial mess–with gloves, remove and dispose of any debris, or blot liquid with a cloth or paper towel until it is absorbed. Moisten the carpet fibers and treat with a pet stain remover if you have one; if not, mix a solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar to 1 quart warm water and spritz the stain, allow to soak for a few minutes, then blot until it is gone.
  • Coffee- A spot cleaning tip for removing coffee stains is to first dry the spill by blotting the carpet with a dry towel. (If the towel becomes too damp with coffee, you may want to change towels to avoid spreading the stain.) Then spray with the same white vinegar mixture, let sit, and blot dry; or, if the vinegar doesn’t work, you can also try swapping the vinegar for a stain-fighting laundry detergent and then repeat.
  • Ink- To remove an ink stain from carpet, dampen a clean cloth with isopropyl alcohol (higher concentrations work best) and blot. Be sure not to rub the stain, as that could cause it to spread. Wait a few minutes, then remove excess moisture with a liquid-friendly vacuum. You may need to repeat this method a couple of times to achieve best results.
  • Blood- Our last spot cleaning tip is for removing blood stains. Unlike the previous types of stains, always treat blood stains with cold water. Hot water will cause the blood to coagulate and bond with your carpet fibers, sealing the stain in forever. To treat, mix 1 quart cold water with 2 teaspoons of a grease-fighting liquid dish soap, then spray generously on the stain until it is entirely soaked. Blot with a paper towel or dry cloth to lift the blood away. Blood stains can be persistent and you may need to repeat this method to best restore your carpet.

At Proclean Properties Inc., we hope these spot cleaning tips will serve you well. For truly stubborn stains, however, and to keep your carpet looking and feeling its best, it’s always a good idea to turn to professional cleaning services. Give us a call if you get tired of spot treatments and want to refresh your whole floor.