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When you get new tile, the grout and tile both look flawless.  The best way to keep them looking that way is by cleaning up spills and dirt as soon as they appear.  However, you may not have time to clean immediately, and if this is the case, you will notice that your grout begins to take on a grayish tint, which eventually turns to black.  To get the grout back to looking that flawless shade, you end up taking off layers of grout—which eventually leads to the need for new grout altogether.

The good news is that there is a method of tile & grout cleaning that will get your tile and grout fantastically clean and keep it in good condition—thus making it unlikely that you will need to replace your grout anytime soon.  The best tile & grout cleaning method involves using a vacuum and high-pressure rinse system that will deep-clean the tile and grout without damaging it.

Once you’ve had an effective tile & grout cleaning, you will want to keep it looking clean for a long time.  Beyond cleaning up spills and dirt as soon as they appear, you can try adding oxygen bleach powder to your mop water every time you mop.  This can help keep your tile and grout clean.

We know that having a clean floor can make your whole house seem clean.  At Proclean Properties Inc., we have the knowledge and experience that allow us to get your tile and grout clean and looking like new.  If your tile is in need of a deep-cleaning, contact us today.