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Tile & Grout CleaningTile can be used in so many different areas in your home because it is incredibly durable and aesthetically pleasing. Tile has many uses and is beautiful as a backsplash, for flooring, in showers, and even on countertops. Although the surface of tile is easy to clean, the porous grout can be much more difficult. It is easily stained because it can absorb liquids and if neglected for long periods of time, it can even mold.

Tile & grout cleaning can be really frustrating. Even spending a lot of time and different solutions on it may not guarantee results. As professionals, we are equipped with the best tools and cleaning materials. We use a two-step process that includes mopping a specific solution onto the tile and grout. Then we use high-tech cleaning tools to detail every single grout line. The second step involves using a state-of-the-art vacuum and high-pressure rinse on the material. We focus on cleaning the grout twice since it is the hardest part to restore to its original look.

Don’t let the difficulty of cleaning grout keep you from using this versatile material throughout your home. Using high-tech tile & grout cleaning tools, we are able to make your tile look brand new again. For more information about our tile & grout cleaning services and why you should work with us, give us a call today!