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Tile & Grout Cleaning

You switched from carpeting to tile because you thought it would be easier to maintain, but you are now realizing that those grout lines and even the tile can need a more thorough cleaning than you expected. Routine cleaning just doesn’t do the trick when it comes to keeping tile looking its best and being healthy, too. Here are a few tips for tile & grout cleaning that may help.

First of all, the best advice is to call in a professional for a thorough clean from time to time. It is nobody’s idea of a good time to get down on hands and knees for tile & grout cleaning. You have better things to do with your time and most of the products available to the public aren’t as effective as they claim. To get the best results, it takes the state-of-the-art equipment and tools that a professional uses.

Here at Proclean Properties Inc., we understand that you don’t just want your floors clean, you want them restored to original condition. We start by mopping a special green-sealed solution onto your floor that is proven to be safe if it comes in contact with adjoining surfaces, including your stainless steel appliances, woodwork, carpeting, and furniture. We then use special tools for the grout to restore it to original, go over the entire floor with another tool, and then double-clean the grout lines since this is normally the dirtiest area.

Our two-step process provides the ultimate tile & grout cleaning experience, and we are confident it will exceed your expectations. Before you demolish that tile floor out of desperation, give us a call. We’ll restore it so you can feel great about it again!