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Regular carpet cleaning helps to keep carpets looking good

When you are taking care of your property, many of us consider carpet cleaning to be something that is only done for special occasions or when the carpets are starting to look grungy. However, did you know that regular carpet cleaning doesn’t just keep your carpets looking fresh, but also comes with other advantages as well? Regular carpet cleaning helps to keep carpets looking good by ensuring proper maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, when you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, you can even help increase their longevity. Because dirt and dust are actually very abrasive particles, carpet fibers can be cut and damaged when not cleaned often enough. So how often is “often enough” when it comes to carpet cleaning? Let’s discuss.

Carpet cleaning frequency is all dependent upon the frequency of use for your carpeting. If it in is an area that isn’t used often and doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic, once per year might do the trick. However, high-traffic areas like living rooms or hallways should be done at least twice per year, with industrial spaces being done even more frequently, 3-4 times per year in order to decrease the chances of permanent stains and wear and tear, and also to reduce the accumulation of allergens.

If you are looking at your schedule and can’t remember the last time you had a professional carpet cleaning, now is the time to act! Give our team at Proclean Properties Inc. a call today to schedule a carpet cleaning or to learn more about the frequency of your carpet cleanings.