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Green cleaning carpeting requires specialized cleansers that use a tiny amount of water
It can feel like everyone these days is trying to be more aware of the environment and choosing eco-friendly options. Even here at Proclean Properties Inc., we are focused on helping the environment in our own way with green cleaning options. While there are many green cleaning options that work very well and are able to use less water and avoid harmful solvents, there are also a few things you need to know about green cleaning options so that you can choose wisely.

Be wary of DIY options. Although the do-it-yourself route is often a reasonable one to take, there are many times that it should be avoided in order to let the professionals do their jobs, and this is the case with green cleaning options. Just because a recipe for a cleaner comes from things that you can find in your own kitchen does not make that cleaner a green cleaning choice. In fact, many of these DIY recipes are harmful to pets and children, leave behind residues, and/or are not truly green options.

You also need to do your research. Finding a green cleaning choice comes with a lot of research behind it, especially in something like a carpet cleaner. Green cleaning carpeting requires specialized cleansers that use a tiny amount of water, rather than gallons of it, and non-toxic cleansers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your potential cleaners about their methods or products.

If you have questions about green cleaning, please contact us here at Proclean Properties Inc. to learn more about our green cleaning choices available for you.