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Floor Stripping & WaxingWhen the flooring in your business begins to get dull and is in need of some maintenance, turn to us at Proclean Properties Inc. for your floor stripping & waxing services.  Regular maintenance and cleaning of your flooring can still leave it in need of a routing stripping.  It is more economical to have a professional service strip and wax your flooring than to replace the existing flooring, especially if it may just look dull or have the wax sealant chipping away, rather than be in need of replacement or repairs.  With routine floor stripping & waxing, you can extend and preserve the life of your flooring and rejuvenate its look without the expense of a new floor.

When you regularly have your business floor stripped of old wax and build-up and have it professionally cleaned and a new wax sealing coat applied, your floor is rejuvenated and looks like new again. Not only does the wax coating provide a great barrier and protection, but it also restores the luster and shine, leaving your floor looking like new.  Stripping your floor of its old wax coating and applying a new wax sealant is also a great way to preserve your floor so it will last for many years to come.

When you are searching for an economical way to preserve your flooring and rejuvenate the luster and shine for your business, give us a call at Proclean Properties Inc.  Our floor stripping & waxing services are the very best in the industry, and we use only the best equipment and materials to ensure that your service is done with 100% satisfaction.