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Commercial cleaning services thus extend the lifetime of your tile
If taking care of your home or office is becoming more hassle than it’s worth, then you may be wondering what commercial cleaning services can do for you. The answer is: more than you think. Not only will we do a better job than you normally would at cleaning your space, but our supplies may also be less harmful to your carpet or tile. We use environmentally friendly products and procedures that are both gentle and effective. If your carpet is dying of bad treatment, we can help restore some of its old luster and follow up with maintenance cleanings. Not only are you saving time and getting a better result, but since our commercial cleaning services use our own cleaning products, that means you don’t have to shop for them, pay for them, or store them. That’s more added value.

How we clean your tile grout is likewise effective and convenient, using specialized tools to ensure cleanliness and satisfaction. To protect your tile, we employ a vacuum and pressure rinse method to avoid wearing down the ceramic. Commercial cleaning services thus extend the lifetime of your tile’s shine. In fact, with professional knowledge and tools at work in your home or office, the difference will be noticeable, adding to the pleasure of being there.

We want to help you make your place better. If you need commercial cleaning services in Central Florida, we at Proclean Properties Inc. offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and do our best to offer affordable prices. We’re open Monday-Saturday and accept all major credit cards.