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Commercial Cleaning Services

It’s obvious that keeping your commercial property clean is an important part of running your business, but if you haven’t put thought into using commercial cleaning services that use green, eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques, you might want to continue reading for important information about this topic.

You probably do not see the actual bottles themselves if you use commercial cleaning services, but if you do get a chance to take a look you might be shocked to see wording such as “toxic,” “flammable, and a host of warnings. Not only is exposure to many of these chemicals potentially harmful, but if they are mixed or used in high concentration they can be downright dangerous. Every year there are calls to the National Poison Control Center because of household and office cleaners.

The use of non-green products can also build up to be a large problem over time putting your building’s indoor pollution levels even higher than outdoors. Indoor air quality is vital for health and studies are showing that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are linked to dozens of health problems.

Obviously, you want to ensure your own health, but your staff’s health is also important to the continued profitability of your business. Harsh cleaning products can cause excessive absenteeism, which hurts production and morale.

Here at Proclean Properties Inc., our commercial cleaning services use products that meet environmental criteria for a healthy indoor environment. We can even take care of your carpet cleaning during business hours because our processes are minimally disruptive. Let us show you how your business can be kept in clean order without dangerous, toxic pollutants.