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Worker cleaning floor with machine

Would you like your tile to look like new again? Would you like to your grout to be free of your dirt and to have tough stains eliminated from the surface of your tile floors? If so, let us at Proclean Properties Inc. help. We provide residential tile & grout cleaning services in the Windermere, Florida area and are known for our effective, affordable cleaning solutions.

When we provide you with residential tile & grout cleaning services, we will do several things to ensure your satisfaction. For example, we will use special tools to clean every individual grout line on your floor, ultimately restoring the grout to its original appearance. We will also go over your grout lines a second time to make sure they are completely clean.

At Proclean Properties Inc., we pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and processes. When we come and clean your home’s tile, we will use a solution that will not harm the environment, your appliances, your furniture, or any surrounding materials near your tile floor.

The best part is that our rates for residential tile & grout cleaning are competitive and affordable. We encourage you to keep in mind that what we charge you will be based on how extensive the cleaning is and how much tile you need us to clean. If you’d like to receive a quote on residential tile & grout cleaning or find out more about why our services are beneficial, contact us at Proclean Properties Inc. today.