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carpet stains can slowly compound

We all know that life gets messy — especially underfoot. At Proclean Properties Inc., we are committed to helping eliminate carpet stains from your home. Whether you have children, pets or just day-to-day traffic, carpet stains can slowly compound, and before you know it, your home just feels dirty. At Proclean Properties Inc., we provide green cleaning solutions to refresh and restore the look and feel of your home.

Whether you can pinpoint specific carpet stains or the entirety of your carpeting is starting to look and feel dingy, our trained professionals combine experience, green-cleaning solution and the latest modern equipment in order to target all areas of your home through our SCRUB steam cleaning process. Our non-toxic, eco-friendly spray cleans the fibers of your carpet, and then through high-powered extraction methods, we remove the dirt and cleaning solution from deep within the fibers of the carpet, rejuvenating your living space. Not only will cleaning improve the aesthetic of your living space, but Heathline.com also suggests steam cleaning several times per year in order to cut down on common allergens and irritants that can accumulate in your carpet over time.

Call us at Proclean Properties Inc. today to discuss pricing or schedule a consult. Our professional technicians are eager to offer the experience and expertise to answer your questions and provide effective, eco-friendly cleaning solutions specific to your personal needs.