Did you know that the floors are one of the dirtiest places in your home harboring all sorts of nasty germs and other health risking contaminants? It’s true! Each inch of your hard floors can have thousands of bacteria and viruses, and carpeting isn’t any better, as it is home to over a million dust mites in a typical room. Even the most effective housekeeper is no match for all this. The answer is to get your home’s floors sanitized with residential floor cleaning services on a regular basis.

Get it Sanitized with Residential Floor Cleaning Services in Orlando, FL

At Proclean Properties Inc., we understand how important it is to feel safe in your home. We even keep up with the cutting-edge, eco-friendly residential floor cleaning processes, so we can minimize unwanted toxins in your home and sanitize it from bacteria and viruses.

We can get your carpet to a level of clean that is deeper than other carpet cleaning companies, and we use a non-toxic solution that is safe for children and pets. Our interim carpet maintenance plan meets the criteria for environmentally sustainable standards.

Get it Sanitized with Residential Floor Cleaning Services in Orlando, FLWe use a state-of-the-art vacuum and high-pressure rinse process for cleaning hard floors, and we even double-clean the grout lines in tile, which are often the dirtiest part. We use special tools to ensure we get into every corner, leaving no germs behind. This is especially necessary in areas like bathrooms, where the athlete’s foot and plantar wart virus enjoy the warm, damp breeding ground.

Instead of risking your family’s health, give the professionals at Proclean Properties a call and have our residential floor cleaning services sanitize all the floors in your Orlando, Florida home on a regular basis.