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Cleaning tiled floors by hand is arduous work. It’s uncomfortable, messy, and it’s impossible to obtain the same deep-clean results that come with a professional job. That’s because grout – a porous material – collects spills, grime and dirt, which often discolor the surface. Regular spot cleaning and mopping can’t reach the dirt that lays hidden deep within the pores of the grout lines.

Restore the Luster to Your Office Floors with Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our commercial tile & grout cleaning service will restore luster to your office floors and make them look like new.

At Proclean Properties Inc, we achieve far better results than even the most vigorous hand-cleaning job could ever do. We’ll start by inspecting your floor to figure out the most suitable process and the best cleaning solution. Next, our state-of-the-art cleaners yield a high-pressure vacuum and water combination to extract dirt from deep within the tiles and grout pores. And, since grout lines are usually the dirtiest part of a floor, we even double-clean them.

Here’s what our commercial tile & grout cleaning process involves:

  1. Mopping solution onto the floor.
  2. Machine-scrubbing the tile and grout.
  3. Mopping more solution onto the floor.
  4. Suctioning and cleaning every grout line twice with a truck-mounted tool.
  5. Cleaning the tiled surface with a truck-mounted high-pressure tool.

TIP: After commercial tile & grout cleaning, avoid using bleach and ammonia-based cleaners that can discolor grout. Also avoid using wax on tiled floors.

Contact us at Proclean Properties Inc. to find out more about our cleaning business. We serve all of Central Florida.