Upholstery Cleaning

Have you ever driven down a road and saw a sofa at the curb that looked in great shape except for being dirty or stained? It happens every day — someone tosses out furniture that really only needs quality upholstery cleaning. If your family loves how comfortable your living room furniture is, but you hate how it looks, it might surprise you that it could be restored instead of replaced.

Furniture is far from inexpensive these days, yet often the materials used seem to get dirty practically overnight. General cleaning products are rarely effective for getting out stains that happen and can leave you feeling frustrated. Even cleaning machines can be ineffective and could even damage the material. The better solution is to call in a professional. They are familiar with the various materials and know the best method for getting dirt and stains removed.

Upholstery cleaning is also ideal for removing odors. Did Uncle Bert come over and smoke a cigar in your living room? Did your dog come in from the rain and decide your favorite chair would warm him up? These types of odors can linger almost indefinitely, but upholstery cleaning will freshen things up again. Ask for eco-friendly cleaning solutions and you can also remove those more toxic scents left behind during manufacturing.

If you want to give your comfy sofa or chairs a chance for a new lease on life and save yourself from lugging them to the curb or buying replacements, give us a call at Proclean Properties Inc. We have an excellent track record for raising furniture from the dead with our top-quality upholstery cleaning services.