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blog82Carpet can be an expensive investment for your home, and no matter what color of carpet you go with, it will be hard to avoid stains, especially if there are children or pets around. Luckily, our professionals can perform carpet stain removal for you.

Carpet stains and high-traffic dark areas do not have to be permanent marks on your carpet. Whether they need a deep clean or a lighter clean, professional cleaning can help them look new again. If your toddler somehow got a hold of the permanent marker and drew a collage on the carpet, or your teenager accidently spilled that candy apple red nail polish, professional carpet stain removal is your solution.

There are many different ways to treat carpet stains, and it all depends on what the stain is composed of. Our professionals know how to properly remove and treat the soiled area, so you don’t have to go buy a new side table to cover the spot. Carpet stain removal is not just a topical clean; in order to fully remove a stain, the cleaning has to go deep into the fibers, which sometimes requires specific tools and equipment.

Here at Proclean Properties, we offer an eco-friendly way to clean your carpets and remove stains at affordable prices. Our special cleaning process has faster dry times, so you can get back on your carpet and on with your life as soon as possible. We are located in Oviedo and service all of Central Florida. For more information on our services, please contact us.