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Residential Tile CleaningEven though you may regularly clean the tile in your home, slowly and over time, it will inevitably become dull and start to build up dirt, grease and oils in the pores, grout lines and natural tile cracks.  When you are ready to obtain better results and get that deep clean and new flooring look, give us a call at Proclean Properties Inc.  Our residential tile cleaning process uses state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly products that won’t harm the other flooring nearby in your home or cause any damage to your appliances and other surroundings.

Our 2-step residential tile cleaning process uses a state-of-the-art high pressure vacuum coupled with our eco-friendly solution to create a deep clean that scours and lifts the dirt from the pores, cracks and grout lines where it has settled over time and has evaded your best efforts to maintain the new look and feel you yearn for.  After our deep high-pressure cleaning process, we use specialized tools that will give your tile a second, more-detailed cleaning and leave everything looking new again.  We even double-clean your grout lines to ensure that the hardest areas and biggest build-up sections are left clean.  We also suggest that, following your residential tile cleaning, a grout sealant be applied to your tile and grout to slow down the residue build-up and help you maintain that new look after your regular cleaning for a longer period of time.

Call us today to discover more about our residential tile cleaning process and to have one of our professional cleaning experts help you obtain that new tile look in your home again.