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steam cleaningAfter investing in carpet, it’s important to know how to care for it – not just for the sake of appearance, but also to prolong its lifespan. While vacuuming is a necessity, it’s not sufficient on its own. Carpet – no matter what type – traps everything inside it, from dust mites, hair and dust to stains and dirt.

The frequency of professional steam cleaning services depends on several factors. For example, you don’t want cheaply made carpets to be handled as often as you would a high-quality woolen rug. Every time carpet gets cleaned, it breaks down a little; therefore, it’s essential to know what the quality of your carpet is before it’s intensely cleaned.

If you live on your own with nothing else but the usual environmental factors that make your carpets dirty, then hiring steam cleaning services once a year should be fine. But if you have children or pets, if you smoke, or if the carpet is subjected to a lot of foot traffic, then it should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 9 months, depending on the level of exposure.

If you live in a humid or dusty area, this can affect your carpets’ cleanliness. Even if you believe there’s nothing in your home that can dirty them, remember there are a multitude of invisible invaders inside your carpets. So, if for no other reason that having a healthier living environment, have steam cleaning services come once a year.

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