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Floor WaxingThere are many different types of art, and floor waxing is one of them. If done incorrectly, floor waxing will look shabby and need to be completely redone. Common problems in applying the wax may include applying the wax too quickly or not taking proper care of the application tools.  These problems can result in bubbling or streaking.  There is also the risk that the wax may not be completely dry when people start to walk on it.  If applied too thickly, the wax can take longer to dry than is indicated on the bottle of the wax.  As experienced floor waxing professionals, we have the knowledge that allows us to apply wax so that it does not streak, bubble, ripple, or leave behind any prints.

Floor waxing is about more than simply putting down new wax on a floor.  There is a certain amount of preparation that needs to happen. Prior to floor waxing, the old wax that covers the floor needs to be stripped off and removed completely to ensure that the new layers of wax will lie flat. Anything that is on the floor needs to be removed from off of the floor, or it will show through the new layers of wax.

As professionals who know floor waxing, we will be able to properly prepare the floor prior to applying the wax.  Once preparation and floor stripping have been done, we understand the possible need of sealant to protect the flooring.  We also know how many layers of wax will be required to make your floor a true work of art.  If you need your floors waxed, contact us at Proclean Properties Inc. today.