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Office Furniture Cleaning

Have you noticed that people in your waiting area seem less than happy? It may be the outdated magazines, the show playing on the television, or they simply do not like waiting. However, it could be something else – dirty furniture. Appearances do matter when it comes to retaining good customers and clients, and if you aren’t keeping up with office furniture cleaning, you could be alienating your best ones.

It isn’t just what your customers think either. If your staff is likewise annoyed that office furniture cleaning isn’t being done, you could lose key personnel as well. Both customers and staff need to feel that you care about their surroundings and their health, and dirty office furniture sends the wrong message entirely. Additionally, those germs could be causing absenteeism, which hurts production in your company, ultimately costing you much more than the cost of regular office furniture cleaning.

The best thing to do is talk with a professional office furniture cleaning company so that a schedule can be arranged that will take into account how much the furniture is used and the potential for dirt and stains to occur.

Here at Proclean Properties Inc., not only can we get you on a schedule for office furniture cleaning, but we can also provide you with the best results. Our state-of-the-art technology combined with our green cleaning solutions will allow you to put your best foot forward with your customers and staff. You can expect high-quality results at an affordable price. Let’s get your waiting area full of happy people!