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how you approach the task of residential carpet cleaning

You likely clean your carpets on a weekly basis. However, some carpets may need more or less attention depending on the amount of use the carpets see each week. A carpet in a busy child’s room may need more attention than the carpet at a retired couple’s home! These factors may play a role in how you approach the task of residential carpet cleaning. Regardless of your personal cleaning preferences, you should always schedule a professional cleaning a few times a year.

As you prepare to have a professional come and conduct a residential carpet cleaning at your home, you should consider how to maximize the carpet cleaning. It is a good idea to make sure that you are prepared for the cleaning so that the carpet cleaner is able to access as much carpet surface area as possible. This means you may need to move light pieces of furniture or remove clutter in order to make the carpet easily accessible.

Another way you can take advantage of a carpet cleaning is to ensure that you have recently vacuumed carpets yourself. Removing this loose layer of dust and debris will ensure that the carpet cleaner can pass over that outer layer and start with a deep cleaning.

A third way you can get more out of residential carpet cleaning is to request spot cleaning. If your carpet has specific trouble areas, you can let the carpet cleaner know. They may be able to provide a special tool to help tackle a tough stain.

As you prepare for residential carpet cleaning, you will be able to enjoy cleaner carpets and know that the cleaning was effective. You can contact us if you would like to schedule carpet cleaning!