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Stain RemovalThere are many informative blogs and DIY articles suggesting ways to remove carpet stains. Often these articles suggest a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, or dish soap for stain removal. Sometimes, these methods are effective, and sometimes they are not. So what do you do when the stains remain?

This is when it’s time to call in our professional carpet cleaners at Proclean Properties Inc. We offer our Ultra Deep SCRUB 4-step process steam clean for heavily stained or soiled carpet.

In step one, we pre-treat all stains and high-traffic areas with our exclusive, green, zero-residue cleaning solution.

In step two, we agitate these areas to ensure the solution penetrates deep into the carpet. We use a twin cyclical brush with longs bristles to gently scrub the carpet. Then, the entire carpet is sprayed with our green, non-toxic, zero-residue solution.

In step three, we use our high-powered, truck-mounted extraction machine to remove the dirt and the cleaning solution, leaving your carpet clean, soft, and looking fabulous.

Lastly, in step four, we do several dry passes to ensure a quick dry time.

For the future, we offer regular maintenance cleanings to keep your carpets looking and feeling great. Stain removal doesn’t have to be stressful with our cleaning experts at Proclean Properties Inc. on your side, so if you’re ready for stain removal that really works, give us a call today for more information!