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deep clean by employing a professional floor cleaner

When it comes to keeping your home or office clean, hiring a professional floor cleaner is a great way to keep your carpets, tile, and other flooring looking like new. Some people clean their floors without professional help. This can be useful. However, hiring a professional cleaner makes a difference as they can provide a deeper, more effective cleaning.

How does professional carpet cleaning make a difference? Part of the answer comes from looking at the equipment a floor cleaner uses. A professional is able to purchase the best cleaning agents and equipment. Here is a look at what some of that equipment is:

  • Carpet Extractors: A carpet extractor is one of the main tools of a professional carpet cleaner. It allows the floor cleaner to work effectively. It uses a mix of suction, detergent, hot water, and a scrub brush in order to clean carpets deeply and well.
  • Stair and Upholstery Tools: In addition to a carpet extractor, floor cleaners can use stair and upholstery attachments to clean tight spaces effectively. When you work with a professional cleaner, they will have these tools. You may want to ask them to clean upholstery in addition to flooring!
  • Dryers and Air Movers: Once the carpets are clean, they need to dry, and the faster the better! Professionals can provide powerful dryers and air movers to help dry the floors quickly. This works much more effectively than your office fan!

So, rather than renting a sub-par carpet shampooer, choose to get an efficient, deep clean by employing a professional floor cleaner. You won’t be disappointed!