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Home CleaningWhen you need to clean your home, sometimes it feels like getting the job done right takes an eternity.  Although it often feels this way, this doesn’t have to be the case.  There are certain steps you can take in your home cleaning routine that will allow you to shorten the time it takes to accomplish the task.

The first thing you can do is gather your supplies in a small basket that you can carry from one room to the next.  Include all of your cleaning solutions, cloths, scrub brushes and other tools into a convenient caddy.

The second step you can take is to create a cleaning schedule.  This of course, is only half of the second step.  Once you’ve established a schedule, stick to it!  If you stick to your schedule, the cleaning can be completed in a matter of minutes.  On the other hand, if you constantly put off your cleaning, it will build up until the job takes hours or even days to complete.

Next, be sure that you have the proper tools for the home cleaning tasks you will be completing.  Having the proper tools can make all of the difference between a lengthy home cleaning and a quick one.

Finally, to make home cleaning less of a chore, you need to get into the habit of picking up random items as you see them.  A good way to accomplish this is by having a “random” basket that you take with you from room to room.  Load this basket up as you walk through your home and put the items away once the basket is filled.

Following these simple steps can reduce the amount of time it takes to accomplish your home cleaning.  If you keep your home uncluttered, it will make life easier when you hire help for the deep-cleaning projects that need to be done.  At Proclean Properties Inc., we can help you with your deeper home cleaning needs.