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Carpet CleaningYour carpets are an investment to your home.  They are used and sometimes abused on a daily basis.  Your carpets go through a lot of wear and tear, and the fibers are continually collecting dust and dirt and oils from shoes, gym bags, pets, toys and all the things we use and bring into our homes each day.

Here are a few carpet cleaning tips and tricks that can help you maintain the life of your carpets and keep them looking fresh and new:

  1. Vacuum Regularly: Regular vacuuming of your carpets can help keep the collection of dust, dirt and oils from building up as quickly. Often carpets look worn, but could actually just be dulled, and regular vacuuming can help liven them up and keep your carpet fibers fresher.
  2. Spot Clean: If a spill or accident occurs on your carpet, immediate spot cleaning can prevent that area from incurring additional damage. Keeping a good spot cleaner on hand will help eliminate the spill from soaking into your fibers and carpet pads and eliminate further damage.
  3. Use Mats: Having floor mats near the exterior doors where you can leave your shoes or at least kick off excess debris and capture moisture will help to eliminate additional dust and dirt and water from being trampled into your carpets each day.
  4. Reduce Long Periods of Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight on your carpets can fade the colors, and the heat can decrease the resistance of the fibers in your carpeting and lower its resistance to daily wear and tear.  Use blinds to divert direct sunlight off your carpeting or minimize the time that your carpet is exposed to direct sunlight whenever possible.
  5. Have Your Carpets Professionally Steam Cleaned: Regular carpet cleaning by a professional steam cleaning company can greatly reduce the buildup in your carpeting and increase its life and luster. You don’t have to wait for your carpets to look dirty before having them cleaned.

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